Teacup Labrador Retriever

Teacup labrador retrievers have a friendly temperament and are wonderful with children just like larger labs. Teacup labs are ideal family dogs. They usually grow between 16 to 19 inches tall. That height is required in order for a teacup lab to enter dog shows. Teacup labs usually weigh no more than 3 and a half stones. They have the same pyhsical appearance as the large typical labs. The coat is also the same, and comes in colors black, yellow or chocolate. Teacup labrador retriever

Teacup labs have a good strong physique, broad head, chest and hindquarters. Labrador retrievers are prone to hip, bone and eye health problemes which can be a result of poor breeding. Teacup labs are pure bred variation of the labrador breed and it is considered natural for these dogs to be smaller. Teacup labrador retriever is recognized by the Americal Kennel Club as well by other major clubs around the world. They are considered a breed of dog. Many people confuse a teacup lab for a labradoodle, the comfort golden and other cross-breed dogs that look similar to labs but are much smaller.

Teacup labs are excellent family dogs. They are loving and even tempered. These mini dogs make an ideal pets for people with limited space in the house, or with small apartment. Teacup labs make excellent working dogs and pets just like large labradors. There is many controversy about teacup labs. Many people do not even know that they exist, but these mini labs are bred naturally and are recognized by the AKC and other major kennel clubs. Labs were originally used as hunting dogs because of their energetic nature.

Today, labs and teacup labs make perfect pet for athletic families and children, but also make perfect companions to the elderly. Labradors originated from Newfoundland. They became world know in the 19th century when the English aristocracy began importing these dogs from Newfoundland. They were originally know as the St Johns Dogs.