The Papillon is the modern representation of the small spaniels which are often seen in paintings from centuries ago. Papillon was once know as the dwarf spaniel. It has changed in appearance over the years. Papillon is a wonderful companion which grazed the laps of ladies, kings and noblemen centuries ago. The word papillon means butterdfly in French. It is refered to the Papillons fringled upright wars which resemble butterfly’s outspread wings. This small dog is very sturdy and responsible family companion and guardian.

Papillon has a big dog attitude and is very alert which makes him great watchdog. This dog is only 8 to 11 inched tall and weigh 4 to 9 pounds. It’s lifespan is 12 to 16 years. papillon breedThis is a very outgoing and energetic dog. He enjoys being with people. His size makes him easy to handle. The coat is easy to take care of and doesn’t shed escessively. Papillon has moderate to intense energly levels. He is easly trainable and can participate in different dog sports such as agility and rally.

Papillons are great teacup dogs that love children. It is considered as a long lived breed. It is not possible to see a Papillon on every street common but it is also not considered a rare breed. Papillons are not common, either. Papillons tend to have small litters, and most breeders have a waiting list for this breed. These teacup dogs are people oriented and want to be included in their peron’s life at all times. They need lively, energetic, and outgoing owners which will take them out to socialize with other dogs and different people.