Mini English Bulldog

Mini English bulldog is often confused with the English Bulldog and Pug mixes. It’s head is large with broad muzzle and short face. The face is measured from front of cheekbone to tip of nose. Muzzle is borad and its turning up. Mini English bulldog has loose folds of skin across its nose which is not excessively wrinkled. Its flews are broad and hanging lover lower law at each side. Eyes are set low and wide and comes in variety of colors. Mini English bulldog has thick and strong neck with loose skin which forms small dewlap on each side. The coat is smooth, short and tight to the body. Mini English bulldog comes in variety of colors such as brindle, solid white, solid red, fawn or any other combination. Mini English bulldog is a teacup dog of an English bulldog. Its not a mixed breed.

Many breeders consider Mini English bulldog a mix of english bulldog and teacup pug but that is not true. Mini English bulldogs are loyal and affectionate in nature. This breed needs attention to be happy. It requires an owner who understands how to correct unpropser behavior. Mini English bulldog can is good with family pets but can be scrappy with strange dogs. It gets along well with children. This mini dog drools and tends to snore while sleeping. Mini English bulldog is very persistent and doesn’t give up easily. Mini English BulldogSome Mini English bulldogs can be dominating and need an owner who knows how to display strong leadership. These mini dogs are full of energy when they are young, but they slow down as they get older. Males grow up to 14 inches and females up to 13 inches. Males weigh up to 40 pounds and females weigh up to 38 pounds.

There are some health problems that these dog are prone to. Mini English bulldogs tend to have breathing problmes and have poor eyesight. They are very slusceptible to heat stroke in warm weather and are cold sensitive. Mini English bulldog puppies are often delivered by caesarian section because of their broad heads. They are also prone skin infections, hip and knee problems. Mini English bulldog is a breed that is recognized by EBMA, MBA, BMWCOA, MBCOA, MBWC and DRA. It belongs to the Mastiff group.

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  1. Caroline

    We would love a miniture girl bulldog puppy as a new member of our family. We want her to be white and brown. The puppy in the picture looks perfect. We hope you respond soon.

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