Teacup Dogs

Teacup dog
is not a breed, but slang for undersized dogs from any of the 21 canine Toy breeds that are recognized by The American Kennel Club. These dogs are small enough to fit in a teacup and that’s how they got its name. Chihuahua is one of the most popular teacup dogs. There is a current trend and demand for teacup dogs like tiny poodle pups, shihtzus, pomeranian, papillion and dachshund. These dogs are very desirable and usually have a high price, altough teacup dogs often have special medical needs and health issues. They usually have shorter lifespans than other normal sized dogs. . Teacup dogs are prone to hydrocephalus. This happens when the brain contains water that are causing pressure on the skull. These small dogs like Chihuahua are not safe for children because they tend to be snippy and protective. Teacup dogs can easily be hurt or even killed if they are dropped or stepped on. Adult home is an ideal place for a teacup dog.

Teacup dogs are small enough to be carried around in a handbag. There are also available designer dog carriers. These dogs require a lot of attention and their owner usually has to take them everywhere with them. They are little bundles of joy and many people think that they are cute because of their size. Centuries ago they were a status symbol. Many kings and lords used to have these tiny dogs to keep them warm in the winter since their average temperature is around 100 degree Fahrenheit. One of the unusual teacup dog breed is a beagle. They do exist and are very enique. Teacup Beagles will eat a lot and everything they find. They love to walk and are very sensitive. Teacup Boston Terrier also exists. They are very healthy and have a long life span. Their strenght, durability and size makes them one of the most demanded teacup dogs. They are very intelligent and playful. They tend to bark at anything but can also be very friendly. Teacup Maltese is one of the smallest dogs on earth. These dogs do not reach a weight of over ten pounds and are rarely taller just above a human ankle. Teacup Maltese is very playful and teachable dog. They like to please their master and need a lot of socialization. Teacup Pomeranians are naturally small dogs. They are very small and very light dogs. They are bred naturally small and don’t require any special breeding. Pomeranians need a lot of training because they may develop bad habits. They are very eager to learn at any age. There are many other kinds of teacup dogs like Lab, Husky, Doberman and Yorkshire. These dogs have existed for hunder of years and have many different names but everyone of them has the same phyical being.